April ‘23 Update

Hello! Thank you for joining us for the April ‘23 update, we have much to share. Midway through the month we finally shipped the speed update so the service is now much faster. We attended the Google Cloud Summit in their London office. Uploading your own leads is really taking shape now. We also launched a new internal research feature to bring you more UK business and company insights. Let’s dive into each of these updates in a little more detail.

Speed Update

In April we managed to switch over to our new system that makes Find Me Sales much, much faster! The way the site used to work is that it had to download everything before you could see anything. This meant that if you had a slower connection or were accessing the service over 3G then you were greeted with a white screen that could last a while. Not good! So we refactored the whole code base (384 changes!) to render the page for you on the server so you get an almost instant response. We’ve had great feedback on site speed so far, and we hope that you enjoy the faster service.

Google Cloud Summit

Founder Will attended the Google Cloud Summit at the Google London Kings Cross office. The Summit shared the latest advances in Google generative AI technology, sustainable infrastructure, their new AI model garden and the launch of their Google AI Startup Program. In the afternoon, Google arranged different roundtables, with Find Me Sales represented at the AI and data talks. Find Me Sales attended as part of its participation on the Google Cloud Startup Program.

Uploading Leads

We recognise that the current way of getting leads on Find Me Sales by finding and adding them with Leadsearch is too restrictive. It means new users can’t use existing csv files and lists of prospects from their old customer relationship management systems. So to fix this, we spent April updating the system so that you will be able to upload or add your own leads. Once uploaded, you can use all the features like enriching your data with AI research and tracking your success using the leads board and tags. This also creates opportunities to explore new ways of discovering potential customers, including in other countries.

Internal Research

This month, we also released an internal research tool. This new tool helps our first researcher in the organisation generate insights on the Leadsearch database. The hope is that we can generate a report on UK business using the unique insights that are possible from the Leadsearch database. The database is a real-time mirror of the Companies House database that opens up the possibility of research as it can be filtered by many more criteria like industry and location. The new research tool allows even more granular analysis of the database for our researcher to bring you interesting insights.

Looking forward

The big launch to look forward to in May will be the new lead upload feature, but with the speed improvements out the way, there are plenty of exciting features that will also roll out. The long-overdue tag page, which enables you to filter your leads by tags is nearing completion and should also ship soon. We then have a number of larger changes including one to the business model, and another to how you find leads all over the World. We’re excited to share these future steps of our journey, so make sure to check back next month for the next update!

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