July '23 Update

Welcome to the Find Me Sales July update. As we move into the Summer months, we’ve been busy preparing for the release of Global Leadsearch. Leadsearch has already had some upgrades that are live to prepare for this and we’ll share a little more about it today. We made a big change to the Gather API so that it can now read Javascript based websites. We upgraded Leadsboard on the Leads page so that you can see tags, and contact information there on the card. We then look ahead to what we have coming up, and it’s the biggest change yet! Stay tuned as we look at each of these releases in more depth.

Global Leadsearch Upgrades

Last month, we revealed that we were taking Leadsearch, our flagship product that helps you find business, global! We’re happy to report that this has now almost finished user trials. This will enable you to find businesses in any country in the World, then use the same tools you know and love to enrich your CRM and help you build a relationship. As part of this change, we also added more information to the Leadsearch listings for UK users as well. You can now perform a pre-formatted Google search, or find the Companies House listing from next to the company name. The full launch is scheduled for late August.

Gather API Changes

Our Gather API is the software that swings into action when you enrich a lead. It uses artificial intelligence to search for the business, then read every page of the website if it finds it. We used to only be able to read websites that loaded the page at the start, which meant that we couldn’t read Javascript sites. We made changes this month so that we can load these pages and read them, which extends coverage of Find Me Sales enrichments to more modern websites (like Find Me Sales!). Whilst the work was being done, we also managed to increase the speed of the search and first page load. This means that you should see information about the business arrive on the Leads page quicker than before.

Leadsboard Additional Info

You can find Leadsboard on the Leads page. It’s how you can keep track of leads in the, changing them from cold to warm to hot to won. These cards that you moved on the Leadsboard had less information on them than in other places on the site. For example, you couldn’t see what contact information had been attached to the business, and you also couldn’t see what tags had been added to the business either. This wasn’t ideal, so this month we added all of this information into the cards to make it easier to keep track of your Leads. We hope you like the change!

Looking forward

We’ve been working hard on the newest feature that is no longer a secret, global Leadsearch. The feature has been in user trials for about a month, and it’s almost ready to be released more generally. We have also managed to use the same upgrades to improve the experience in the UK, so that you can find businesses that are not listed in an obvious Standard Industrial Classification code. This makes it much easier to find a wider range of businesses. This is all set for release, so we look forward to sharing more in the next update. Until then, have an amazing time!

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