March ‘23 Update

Welcome to our update, we have plenty of exciting news to share. March was a month of collaboration, as we started our latest cohort of the NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator, began a research partnership with UCL School of Management, conducted another research project with Digital Catapult, and worked hard to complete the site speed upgrade. Let’s look at each topic in a little more depth, before we share what we have planned for April.

NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator

We got invited to join our third cohort of the NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator, which started in the middle of March. There was strong competition for the 100 places, with over 450 businesses applying for the program that was voted best in size by Beauhurst. The Accelerator gives us access to the NatWest Hub in Bishopsgate, one to one mentorship with our Enterprise Account Manager, and plenty of workshops to help with marketing and growth.

UCL School of Management

Through our place on Innovate UK Edge, we were offered the opportunity to work with UCL School of Management to host one of their masters students. They will conduct a research project using Leadsearch, our real-time Companies House mirror, to gain business insights. The exciting 6-month placement will see us working closely with our chosen masters student to generate great insights into the data, so watch this space for the results!

Digital Catapult Research Project

We spent the beginning of the year working with the Digital Catapult AI technologists on the deployment of generative text AI models. We looked into the training and deployment of various models in various settings, to work out if we want to roll out a product that uses generative text AI. Of course, Chat GPT has taken on wild popularity and has established itself as a leader in the pack so the research project is highly relevant.

Increasing Site Speed

The increase to site speed has been the focus of a major overhaul at Find Me Sales. We’re changing the way the whole platform works on the server so that we can deliver faster speeds to mobile users with a poor connection quality. This became a request as we scale out to more users who are connecting to the service from a range of devices. We’re happy to say that the work is almost complete and we’re looking forward to sharing the launch with you shortly.

Looking forward

Work is continuing on the site speed improvements, with it likely to launch in April. We can then release some other features that have been bubbling away on the side as well, like user generated leads. We will also be working with our research partners to generate new insights to bring to you. We have some more big plans in the works that we are looking forward to sharing. Until then, stay well and we’ll look forward to seeing you for the next update.

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