May ‘23 Update

Welcome to the May update, we have much to share! We launched the ability to add your own leads, which is something we have been excited about launching. In May we also overhauled the tags system to make it easier to organise your leads. We rounded out the month by optimising the onboarding process. Founder Will also attended the launch of Grow London and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence evidence session. Join us to explore each topic in more detail, before we also share what we have in store for next month.

Add or Upload Leads

This was a huge feature that required many changes to the system. You can now add one, or upload many leads from a csv file. You can then use these leads with all the features on Find Me Sales, including email, automation and Leadsboard. This work paves the way for a new way of finding leads that we’re looking forward to sharing with you soon. We’re happy to report that since launching last week, users have uploaded thousands of leads and have already made their first sales!


We took another look at the tags system in May. The tags system was created to help you keep track of all the leads that you have on Find Me Sales. You can add these to one or multiple leads from the Leads page, or from an individual lead page. You were already able to search these leads on the Leads page by one tag, but it wasn’t possible to search for multiple tags. We changed that this month by adding tags to the Leads page. Each tag is now at the top of the page, and clicking on any will filter all your leads by those tags. We hope this helps you keep your leads organised.

Onboarding Process

As Find Me Sales gets more feature rich, it is also getting harder to convey all the features to new users. So this month we spent time optimising the new pages when you haven’t got existing leads, automation, campaigns, social, or actions. The pages now give insight into how to generate these actions. On the leads page, you now can choose between adding, uploading, or using Leadsearch to find your first leads. Automation and Campaigns give you the ability to create or choose a campaign. Social and actions now give you options to find leads that will populate those pages. We can see from new user sign-ups that these changes are making it easier for new users to navigate the more complex features.

Grow London and APPG AI

Founder Will attended a few events this month. The launch of Grow London from London & Partners revealed a series of new programs that help London based businesses thrive at all sizes. We’re looking forward to participating in some of the programs going forward. Will also attended the evidence session for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence. The session specifically looked at AI adoption in industry and combined many fascinating speakers and approaches. You can find out more about both these events on our LinkedIn page.

Looking forward

May was a big month in terms of new features, with the add and upload features taking time to perfect. This has now freed up considerable time to look at new features and there is a really big new feature that is in the works that will enable you to find leads in any country in the World. We also have London Tech Week, where Will was kindly given a VIP pass, so we will bring you the latest from there. There are also a number of other smaller features in the works that will smooth the overall process. Thank you for joining us for this May update, we look forward to sharing more with you in June!

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