August '23 Update

A big hello from Find Me Sales as we dive into our August Update. We took the quieter Summer month to release the biggest update we’ve ever done, expanding the database to 200m+ businesses in every country of the World. To celebrate this, we updated Leadsearch to include a map, so you can now see where leads are located. We also had to communicate the new changes on the front page of the website, and those changes are now live. As part of the new guest experience we made an explainer video to help understand the features. We’ll also share what you can look forward to in September.

Global Leadsearch Release

Global Leadsearch has featured heavily in these updates for the past few months. We’re happy to announce that in late August we rolled out the global functionality to all users on general release. We still haven’t ‘officially’ launched, but now all users can experience what finding leads anywhere in the World looks and feels like. We’ll be sharing a special September update midway through the month that goes into all the new features in depth.

Maps glorious maps

While working on the new global Leadsearch, we started to struggle when verifying leads in all the different countries. So to solve this, we placed a map at the top of Leadsearch to help orientate you, wherever you’re searching in the World. We also extended this to the UK Leadsearch that runs on Companies House information so you can see the postcode where the business is registered on the new map as well.

New Guest Experience

As part of the big update we’ve improved the Find Me Sales service in so many ways. We needed to take a look at how we communicate this to both new users and old. So in August we completely updated the homepage to show how things are changing and expanding on the site and with our services. We worked hard on creating a user interface and user experience that work to guide people through our updated value proposition.

Explainer Video

As part of the changes for the guest experience, we produced an explainer video. This conveys the new global changes before showing the different features that are now available as part of the service. It takes pride of place at the top of the homepage. We’ll start sharing it on socials soon, but if you’d like to see how it turned out then head over to the homepage of Find Me Sales.

Looking forward

We’re looking forward to a busy September. As people return to work we have a busy month planned, with the official launch of Leadsearch, attending CogX Festival, releasing our first annual report on the UK business landscape and more. There’s so much happening that we’re going to release an extra update which does a deep dive into the new upgrades to Leadsearch. We’re looking forward to sharing more information about all of these upcoming updates over the next month. Until then, stay well and enjoy the new changes.

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