February ‘23 Update

Hello and thank you for joining us for our February update. The shorter month saw plenty of activity for us, launching social signup, a complete overhaul of the signup process, and a move towards increasing site speed. We look forward to sharing a little more about each and what we have planned looking forwards towards March.

Social Signups

We spent some time last year making it easier to sign up to Find Me Sales, reducing the amount of sign up fields from 8 to four. But over the last few months we started getting more requests for an even easier process. So we went back to the drawing board and looked at what we could do better, and we ended up implementing social sign ups. We’re happy to say that you can now sign up with either a Google or Microsoft account. We also chopped the email signup form down to just one (!) field. Of course, this meant we also had to overhaul the whole signup process.

Sign Up Process Overhaul

New ways to sign up meant a new way of onboarding. We now have a step between signup and using the platform where we get a few more bits of information from you so we can give you the best service possible. This also has the benefit of incorporating the Google and Microsoft login, as well as single field sign ups. We hope that you agree that it makes getting a Find Me Sales account much easier. Initial reports from our side show that it has, as it increased the conversion rate and led to more signups.

Increasing Site Speed

We’re pretty happy with the overall speed of Find Me Sales, but there are a few areas where we started targeting improvement in February. We’ve been made aware that at slower connection speeds and on some mobile devices using 3G, users see a white screen before the site loads. This is caused by the technology we use to render the site in your browser, and we plan to fix it by doing the initial render on the server, then sending you the page. This should fix issues for both sets of users. Thank you for making us aware of this as we’re now taking steps to improve this across the board.

Looking forward

The first release of March will be the big speed update that will significantly improve load times. We’re also looking to enable user generated leads instead of sourcing them from Leadsearch. We hope to be able to share news about a few different research partnerships and another accelerator cohort soon, so stay tuned for the next update! Until then, stay well and enjoy making great sales.

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