June '23 Update

June was a huge month for us, and it’s been exciting! It was London Tech Week where we attended plenty of events, and founder Will was interviewed by Channel 4 (twice!) We added employees to companies and enabled you to use their emails in Flows. We also launched opt-out management, so when a company opts out, we remove them from your Flows and Leadsboard. Finally, we look ahead to what’s in store, it’s the biggest upgrade to Find Me Sales yet! Join us to explore each of these topics in a little more depth.

London Tech Week

London Tech Week brings together software and hardware technology companies from around the World to London. The week is always action packed, and started with an address from UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Find Me Sales spent Monday and Tuesday at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre meeting with delegations from around the World and Channel 4 interviewed founder Will for an upcoming show on AI. The international delegation party and launch party on Monday night were amazing. Wednesday and Thursday saw the AI Summit, where founder Will was interviewed by Channel 4 News, appearing on the 7pm slot giving his views on Google and the EU. The week was capped off with an event at the Royal Academy of Engineering. We hope to see you at next year's London Tech Week!


We’ve had the ability to add employees to companies for a while now, but their contact information stayed on the company page where you had added it. One of our clients pointed out that it would be good to include their email in Flows, so if you had added an employee with an email then it should create a Sales Action to email them. We agreed and implemented this new feature, so when you create an Automation Flow or Campaign with an email step, and add a company with an employee email, it now creates the Sales Action for you to take. If there are multiple emails for the company or employees, then you can see those in a drop-down on the compose email page.


Find Me Sales has auto-included customisable opt-out text at the bottom of emails since we added email sending. When a company clicked this text, it took them through to Find Me Sales and this used to prompt a message that the company had opted-out of communications. This still left you to remove the company from Flows or Campaigns and archive them in your leads, which was way too complicated. Now we’ve automated this process, so when a company opts-out of communication, they are automatically removed from all matching Flows and Campaigns. They are also greyed out and made un-clickable on your Leads page so that you don’t accidentally contact them going forward.

Looking forward

There has been a big feature in the works that we also mentioned in last month's Looking Forward. Working in the United Kingdom, and finding great sales for our customers, has developed a broad feature set. We want to share those features with the rest of the World, and that’s why we’re rolling out Leadsearch to feature every country on Earth. The feature is already in user trials and the feedback so far has been amazing. We can’t wait to share more on this, and other improvements in the July update. Thank you for joining Find Me Sales for the journey!

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